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Unfiltered | February 26, 2017

I work at a theme park in a portable cart. At my cart there is no phone. The main store at the theme park is also in charge of my cart so if there is a problem I send people to the store.

Me: I am so sorry my cash register isn’t working. Unfortunately company policy says I can’t keep a cell on me so if you don’t mind going into that store (points to store in front of me) and asking for (managers name) she can help

I wait a few minutes and my manager and customers come out. She fixes my till and leaves as I finish counting out the customers

Customer 1: I am sorry you have Ori work with her

I don’t get along with my manager but it would look bad to bad mouth her in front of people so I just smile and nod

Customer 2: When we came up and told her that your toll was broken she asked us why we were telling her. Obviously you can’t leave this cart alone, someone might steal something

Me: Yup

Customer 1: Keep up the good work (winks at me and walks away with purchases)

Thank you customer 1 and 2, I felt good all day.