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Unfiltered | February 18, 2017

There are two grocery stores in town by the same company. I prefer to shop at these stores because they’re never very busy and always have enough cashiers on duty. However the store closest to my house seems to have quite a few grumpy employees. I’m normally pretty friendly but they usually don’t respond when I ask how their days are or even greet me as I walk up to their registers.

One week, however, I happen to have come down with a severe upper respiratory infection. I hope it’ll go away but as I work as a massage therapist, I can’t go to work or try to “power through” it because it’s both unsanitary and a great way to lose clientele if you’re dripping some “organic massage oil” from your nose.

I had just been to the doctor, who told me it was viral and they couldn’t give me anything for it and that it would be another two weeks before it went away. I’m extremely upset because I can’t afford not to work.

The next day I wake up miserable, and realize I need to buy some cough medicine, tissue, cough drops, and tea to try to help speed my recovery. But I have to go to the grumpy store. I walk in, beaten down, depressed, and embarrassed because I can barely function and hate being in public in general, much less when I’m ill. I get to the register.

Me: “Hi, how’re you doing?”

Cashier: “I’m doing alright! Just cruising along! How’re you?”

Me: “Honestly I’m pretty ill and you should probably use that hand sanitizer when I leave.”

Cashier: “Don’t worry about it, with my family I’ve probably caught it five times this year, I’m sure I’m immune. Here you go and hope you feel better!”

I know it’s a small thing but talking to me like I’m human when I feel like I’m dying means the world to me, especially in an environment where I least expect it.

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