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Unfiltered | November 21, 2016

I’m waiting for my science lab to start and have my coffee travel mug on the desk that about five of us share. I have the tab that covers the hole on the lid of the mug open. We have to have our labs preprinted out and I have mine on the desk. When my classmate sits down and puts his binder down, he knocks my mug over and some coffee spills over on the lab.

Classmate: Oh, I’m really sorry!

Me: It’s no problem. It’s my fault for having it open. Hopefully the aid doesn’t care about a coffee spill on lab.

My classmate doesn’t say anything else and he gets up and leaves. I don’t think much of it since we have about 10 minutes until the lab starts. He could be doing anything from getting coffee or going to the bathroom. Right before the lab starts, he comes back in.

Student: Here you go.

I look down to see a new lab on the desk.

Me: You didn’t have to do that!

Student: No problem.

Really, I know it doesn’t seem like much, but it really brightened my day. He walked across the street to print something out with his money when he didn’t have to. It’s just something that’s stuck with me.

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