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Unfiltered | November 22, 2016

(I’ve recently started my very first job and I can’t help being nervous, despite everyone saying I needn’t be. After four days on the job, I’m feeling awful because I haven’t gone a single day without screwing something up once or twice. This happens on the fourth day. I’m behind one of the registers, as I’m supposed to be, and one of the managers calls me to get behind another while a different cashier does a layaway for a customer at mine because I don’t know how.)

Manager: “Do you want to watch [Cashier], so you can learn how to do a layaway, or do you want to work on this register?”

Me: *mumbles*

Manager: “Are you okay?”

Me: “No. I haven’t gone a day without screwing something up.”

Manager: “Take it easy. It happens to everyone.”

Me: “You have people who screw up for four days straight?”

Manager: “You have to get used to doing the job. You’re not the only one. We have cashiers who’ve been here for a year and still make mistakes. We’ve had customers try to return clothes that weren’t ours.”

(What he said didn’t stop me from being nervous, but it did help me feel better for the rest of my shift. We also got a call from an angry customer, demanding to know why a coat didn’t fit her and asking if another size would. That bit of silliness gave me a laugh.)

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