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Unfiltered | November 13, 2016

(It is Halloween night, and my girlfriend and I are waiting for a bus after coming from a bar. The bus is late, which we don’t mind too much, but then a cab pulls up to the bus station. My girlfriend approaches the window, and I only hear her half of the conversation.)

GF: “Hi, will you give us a free ride?”

(Inwardly I’m cringing, as that seems like an inappropriate question for someone who makes his living transporting people.)

GF: “We’re going to [location], will you bring us there? And you’ll give us a ride for free?”

(She motions to me, and we get in. He says he is going home, and our stop is on his way.)

GF: “Can you bring us to [shopping mall]? It’s right next to our place.”

Me: “If it’s too far out of your way, that’s fine.”

(He tells us that he will drop us off at the gas station a couple blocks away, but then he has to go the opposite direction to get home. We tell him that’s just fine, and when we get there, we ask him to at least accept a tip, which he refuses. Instead, he asks us to pray for him. We agree to this wholeheartedly, and did once we got home. My only hope is that although he appeared to be Muslim, he would accept the prayers of a Christian and a Pagan.)