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, | Unfiltered | February 8, 2020

(I work at a restaurant that often offers special menu deals. Today we have a special menu that offers a smaller selection than our normal menu, but allows you to have a soup/salad and entree for $22).

Woman: “Hi, I’ll order off the special menu. I’ll have a minestrone and chicken parm.”

Me: “Oh, sorry miss but the minestrone isn’t offered on the special menu. You can pick another soup or order off the regular menu if you’d like.”

Woman: (Sighs angrily) “I graduated from college so I know what I’m talking about. Just bring me what I want for $22!”

Me: “I’m sorry but I already told you I can’t.”

Woman: “Fine, I’ll get the split pea soup for the special deal and then have the minestrone on the side.”

(Her husband places a simple order and I deliver their food. Throughout their dinner she is continuously murmuring about being a college graduate and shooting me dirty looks while noisily clanking her silverware. She finally leaves while her husband stays behind to pay the bill. She hasn’t touched her split pea soup.)

Husband: “Can we have this to go?”

Me: “Certainly.”

(When I return I find a note that says: “Sorry for my scholarly wife’s behavior. Please enjoy the soup on my behalf.” He also left a nice tip!)