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(I am a college student working part time at a smoothie place. My major is biology. The mall is slow, so there’s only one customer.)

Customer: Do your smoothies contain gluten?
Me: No, they don’t; just fruit, ice, some sugar, and anything else you want to add.
Customer: Oh, that’s great! Gluten is horrible, you know.
Me: Oh, are you allergic?
Customer: No, I just know how terrible it is. It makes fungus grow in your stomach, and does all sorts of horrible things!
Me,: Oh really? I go to college for biology, and I’ve never heard of anything like that.
Customer: You should! I read this book by a doctor, you need to read it to. It also talks about GMOs. *Gives me the book title and author, I pretend to remember it*

(None of the customer’s health info was accurate or scientifically supported, but I couldn’t blatantly inform her of that.)