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, | Unfiltered | February 9, 2020

My husband used to work in a small shop that sold tobacco, sweets, soft drinks and ice cream. In Sweden, you have to be 18 to buy tobacco but many still try to buy it while underaged. A girl of about 16 comes into the shop.

Husband: “Hello!”
Girl: “Hi, a packet of (cigarette brand), please!”
Husband: “Sure, could I see some ID, please?”
Girl: “I left it at home!”
Husband: “Well, then you need to go home and fetch it.”

The girl leaves but only a minute later another girl of about the same age tries the same thing. She has no ID either and is then promptly turned away by husband. Then a third girl comes in. She pushes up her breasts as much as she can, making sure her cleavage is visible to husband. The same scenario, no ID, and no cigarettes. She does try to flirt a lot with husband to no avail. When she leaves, my husband sees her meeting the other two outside and hear them speaking to each other before they leave:

Girl #3 to Girl #1 and #2: (astonished tone of voice) “He didn’t sell me any either!!”

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