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(I work at the luckywheels, where you can win huge amounts of candy or similar, at a very famous amusement park in Sweden. I am a transman and on my uniform it says my prefered name. I usually wear a binder however this day my ribs were hurting so much I simply couldn’t. I was standing with my co-worker, turning on the numbers for the paying guests, when suddenly a guest at the far end starts shouting.)

Guest#1: Hey lady I want to pay too!
Me: *annoyed witht he pronoun but simply smile* Of course just one minute! *talk to guest infront of me* And you want this numer?
Guest#2: Yes please!
Guest#1: HEY LADY
Me: I’ll be there in just a sec!

(He continues to shout and I keep turning on the numbers quickly until I finally get to Guest#1. The man was about 35 with his gang of palls. To turn on the lights for the numbers we have buttons on the floor and sometimes we jump on them just to make something happen in the wheel. I did so and since I wasn’t wearing a binder or anything similar, my boobs jiggled.)

Me: And number one and two! *I start to turn around, back towards the middle as I talk* We have a full game everyone which means–
Me:… let’s go.
Co-worker: *whispers to me* did he just?
Me: Yep.

(We called the guards and about 10 seconds later they were thrown out.)

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