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(Our store has just gotten several new hires. I’m helping one of the new girls with front counter orders when she calls me over. She has an older gentleman across the counter.)
Coworker: I can’t get the coupon to work. (It’s a two breakfast sandwich, hashbrowns and coffee coupon)
Me: -looking over the screen- Oh, you gotta press this button instead. -Fixes the order, showing her the right way to ring it up.- Okay, what kind of sandwich did he want?
Coworker: What kind was it you wanted?
Customer: Sausage.
Me: With these coupons we can substitute a soft drink instead of the coffee. Which did he want?
Coworker: Did you want the coffee or a soft drink?
Customer: Coffee.
(I look up to see the customer getting really irritated now, so I decide to talk to him myself.)
Me: Any can or sugar in that?
Customer: No, black. -He hands my coworker the money-
Me: Okay, that’s gonna be [total], please. Was this for here or to go?
Customer: -snatching money from coworker’s hand- Forget it, cancel the order!
(My coworker looks at me, mortified)
Me: (Raising my voice as he walks away) Sorry, he’s just upset because you’re new here!
(At this point, we’ve had other customers line up behind him, who stare at him as he leaves. One of my coworkers comes out from the back now. I leave my new girl to take the new orders, making a coffee for drivethrough.)
Me: So we had this guy get pissed off for asking what he wanted…
Coworker 2: Oh, that guy. Yeah, he’s a regular here and gets really angry really quickly if you find know his order exactly.
Me: So us newer people are screwed?
Coworker 2: Pretty much. -shrugs and walks away-