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I’m a cashier at a bagel store and this customer comes in

Me: Hi how can I help you?
Customer: Hi, what mini flavors do you have?
Me: We only have plain today sorry.
Customer: Can you go in the back to check?
Me: Sure.
*goes already knowing we don’t have any others*
Me: We don’t have any others I’m sorry.
Customer: Ok then, I’ll have a dozen plain bagels.
*I put them all together for her*
*Hand her bag and ring her up*
Me: Your total is (total)
Customer: It shouldn’t be that much what did you give me?
Me: A dozen plain bagels.
Customer: But I wanted the minis.
Me: I’m sorry ma’am.
*emptys bag out fills with the last 12 minis*
*rings her up again*
Me: Your total is (total)
Customer Looking in bag: These are too dark I want the big Plains.
*emptys bag yet again and refills it with full sized again*
Me: Here you go miss. Your total is (total)
Customer takes her bag and just leaves not saying anything.
Next man in line gave me 5 dollar tip