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(I work customer service for an online retailer. This call happens a lot)

Me: Thank you for calling (Retailer), my name is (Name). How can I help you today?

Customer: You guys owe me $20.00. I’m missing $20.00, they issued me a $20.00 certificate and it’s gone now.

(I go searching for the certificate, find 3 for $20.00)

Me: Sir, I see that you had three $20.00 certificates, and they were all spent.

Customer: No, you owe me Twenty f*cking dollars, and I want it now.

Me: Sir, I’ll have to research this. Can you tell me when and why you got the $20.00?

Customer: You people are supposed to keep record of that, I have no god d*mn idea!

Me: Sir, I do apologize, but I will need this information in order to find out what happened.

Customer: Look, I’ve been f*cking nice up until now, don’t make me blow up.

Me: Sir, I would be more than happy to figure this out for you, but I do need this information so that I can look it up.

Customer: Don’t make me ask for a god d*mn supervisor, you people are a bunch of c*ck suckers!

(at this point I could have hung up because of the language, but I was not letting him win)

Me: Sir, I would be more than happy to transfer you to a supervisor if you asked for one.

Customer: (loudly) F*CK!!! *Hangs up*

(Pretty sure this customer was trying to bully me into giving him something for free, and he already had complaints on his account for abusive language so I was prepared. I thought he was funny lol)