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(My family owned a small dollar store I used to work at. We have a general lenient rule of almost everything without a price sticker being a dollar. Because of this many people try to peel them off to get cheaper products. This occurs around Halloween.)
Customer: “How much is stuff in here?”
Me: “Almost everything without a sticker is a dollar, the rest is marked.”
Customer: “Great thanks.” *a little while later* “I found these costumes, how much are they?”
Me: “Hmm, I’m not sure, let me call the owner and find out for you.”
Customer: “alright”
*I call my parents and learn the lowest they could go was $3 which was the cost we paid when we purchased them*
Me: “Well, the costumes are normally $6, but we can sell them to you for $3 each”
Customer: *all the sudden very angry* “You said everything in here was a dollar! You have to sell these to me for a dollar!”
Me: “I’m sorry ma’am, but we can not go any lower than $3 or we would be losing money.”
Customer: *glares at me* “Put these back there, I will come back and complain to the owner.”
Me: “Ok…”
(I told my mother the exchange and she just took the costumes home to sell elsewhere. The lady did come back and complain to my parents saying I was incredibly rude and wouldn’t keep to my word.)

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