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((I work in a popular named bookstore, where we sell a lot more than just books. It is early January, so we have had box calendars sitting on a table up near the registers for a couple months. Many nights when we are cleaning up the store, we have to resort the box calendar table, as many people will mess them up, open them, and even totally remove them from their boxes. When this happens, we carefully make sure the right box calendar gets into the right box. I’m up at the register when this happens.))

Customer: Hello, I would like to exchange this box calendar for this one, I have the receipt.

Me: Alright, this will be easy then. I just need to ask you if the item was damaged or anything.

Customer: It wasn’t damaged, but the calendar in the box doesn’t match the box cover.

Me: *quite surprised* Oh my, let me check that for you. *I open the box and indeed the calendar doesn’t match the box at all* I can get this taken care of for you, but this is truly quite bizzare.

((I processed the exchange, and he got the calendar he wanted, but it dumbfounded me and my coworker how that could have happened. We all just assumed that a customer thought it would be funny to grab a previously removed calendar, or open one up, and put it in a seperate box. I wonder if the person who bought the other calendar’s box got the calendar they were looking for.))

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