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I work at Lowes Home Improvement as a cashier and I had a customer approach the customer service desk. First he was looking for his my lowes card and what that is, is a card that keeps track or everything you purchase and wanted me to put the number in then he’s like oh I found it and it was his lowes credit card but I asked him anyway if he had a my lowes card that keeps track of everything he purchased and he looked at me like I said the most retarded thing so I just said never mind and he handed me his lowes credit card so I swiped it then he’s like did you put my service connection in?

Now it was my turn to look at him like he said the most retarded thing. I just told him I didn’t know what he was talking about and he’s like my military discount and I asked to see his military ID because that’s what we’re suppose to do. He then raises his voice and says. “See my hat that should say I was in the military and you should just know this.” At this point I’m fed up and in a very annoyed tone said.”Sir, I don’t care what your hat says and I can’t read your mind you have to tell me if you have a military ID.”

“You should ask me first.” He replies.

“Sir just show me your ID so I can apply the discount.”

He finally gives me his military ID and I apply the discount and he has to run his Lowes credit card through again and finally the stupid asshole leaves and that was my first customer of the day so I already know how this day is going to go.

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