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Unfiltered | November 3, 2016

My sibling and I are at a Young Adult book contains and there is a planned book signing later in the day. We are planning to get an author -who is also running the event- to sign our books we brought.

Me: Hey, so at the book signing, you’ll have a table, right?

Author: Oh yeah absolutely.

At the book signing, he does not have a table and after getting all our other books signed by various authors, we begin trying to track down this author. He is busy moving books and once he is finally free-

Us: Excuse me, but could you please sign our books?

Author: Me?! *he sounds and looks so surprised*

*we pull out the two books he wrote*

Author: You brought my books?!

He ended up having to borrow a pen from one of the authors. We still can’t get over how he was so surprised.

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