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Unfiltered | November 2, 2016

My partner and I were at a music festival, and though it rained hard all weekend, we had a great time. Come Monday morning, the parking fields were a sodden quagmire. The clay soil was churned up from cars that got out the night before, and over two hundred cars were stuck. There were just three stewards and one tractor pulling cars out, one by one, and at that rate we’d still be there Tuesday night!

We were completely bogged down. With my partner driving, and me pushing, we just couldn’t move our car. I decided some action was needed, so I spoke to the couple a few yards away and suggested we join forces. With one driving and three pushing, I thought we’d have just enough power to inch the car forward.

They quickly cottoned on – we pushed them to the next semi-dry patch, then they pushed us, then we pushed them, and soon we were progressing nicely across the field. I shouted across to some other people, who also teamed up. Others noticed what we were doing and caught on. Soon the field was full of teams cooperating, pushing each other’s cars out yard by yard.

When we got the field edge the festival stewards took over, pushing cars the last few feet onto the track. It felt fantastic to feel the hard track beneath our wheels, our new best friends right behind us, starting a long line of cars all safely heading home.

I try to remember that if I overcome my natural embarrassment and start the ball rolling, I can help many more people than just myself.

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