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Unfiltered | September 30, 2016

(I started my training on the first day of school, and it was hectic. For a small grocery store, we were packed. Two of the cashiers schedules had been changed so last minute, they didn’t know they had to work. So we have about 20-30 people in the store, and only two trained cashiers. After things calmed down, they brought me out for training. I’m working the till, and all of a sudden there are ten customers in line. My supervisor steps in to take care of the customers, and blows through about five customers in about 5 minutes, which in my opinion is super fast. Now there’s a man paying for his groceries, a woman waiting for her stuff to be scanned, a boy and girl, probably siblings, standing in line, and another woman.)

Customer #1: (after paying) Thanks so much, you have a great day!
Boy: *mumbling* I hate this stupid store, the cashiers suck, they’re so slow.
Girl: *also mumbling* Yeah, it’s stupid.
Boy: It’s a really bad store…
Customer #2: *shocked at the two younger customers as she steps up to the cash, not saying anything to them as she turns back to us and smiles* Ladies you are doing such a fantastic job getting us all through so quickly. Thank you so much.
Boy and Girl: *stop talking, clearly embarrassed*

(Customer #3 says around the same thing the second customer said to us. The next day, Customer #3 is back in the store.)

Customer #3: I’m so sorry about those kids yesterday, they were so rude to you, especially on your first day. I hope it didn’t upset you too much.

Me: No no! Don’t worry, I didn’t appreciate what they said, but that’s their problem not mine! Thank you though!

Customer #3: Well, if I were their mother, I would be ashamed! Again, I’m so sorry.

(It wasn’t a lot, but I appreciate that customers around here care so much about how other customers treat the cashiers, because there aren’t many of us, and they understand how difficult the job is. The fact that the lady apologized to us again on my second day of work was so kind.)