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Unfiltered | September 23, 2016

When the flood of 2011 occurred, my clan was living in the country right next to the Susquehanna, and there was more water than usual, because both of the towns nearby had built flood walls. As a rule, when there’s a chance of flooding, my clan starts moving as much as possible up to our landlord’s/adoptive grandparents barn and house to stay there. When it did flood, it happened earlier than we thought it would, so my mum came into my room telling me we had to get out of the house at 4:00 in the morning. For the next week or so, we watched as the place I had called home for almost fourteen years was slowly destroyed by the water.

When the water finally receded, and we could go into the house, we had to be very careful, because the floor had been warped, since four feet of water got inside the house. For weeks, we had to either clean anything salvageable, or throw out so many meaningful things that had gotten too messed up to be saved. Throughout that time, people from the community that knew us had been coming and helping us, bringing food, or bringing supplies for us. One of the most memorable things, that kinda made me have some hope, was when we got a mystery package, and when we opened it, there was $200 dollars, some cookies, and other small things, like toothbrushes and soap. I remember me mum breaking down in tears, because it was a small relief. To whomever put that package on our doorstep, thank you so much. I don’t really have faith in most people, but you gave me some hope. And the smile that was on me mums face was something that I needed, after her crying for a few days.

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