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Unfiltered | September 7, 2016

[I](During my senior year as a college undergrad, my grandmother died mid-semester right around midterms. I had already been struggling with clinical depression for years, and her death started a deep spiral down to a dangerous level, but I had to finish the semester or stay another year. So I pushed through and acted like nothing was wrong. However, one of my professors noticed and asked me to stay back after class ended.[/I]

[B]Professor:[/B] “Hey, [My Name], are you ok? You used to raise your hand for almost every question, but you haven’t for the last few classes.”

[B]Me:[/B] “Yeah, I’m ok. Just a bit tired is all.”

[B]Professor:[/B] “I know your grandmother just died, I’m sorry to hear that. Just let me know if there’s anything you need, ok? Your midterm project is coming up, but if you need an extension you can take another week. Just email me and the TA. I’ve really liked you participating, but if you don’t feel up to it you can always ask any questions later, we can set up appointments if my office hours don’t work.”

[I](The semester only got harder from there as my depression worsened to a worrisome level, but I managed to finish it well. I never did need that extension, but I’ll never forget how she cared, especially since she got to go home after that late evening class. This was two years ago and now I’m applying for PhD programs for clinical Psychology, and still see that professor from time to time. Just goes to show that professors do notice you, even if you think you’re invisible.)[/I]

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