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Unfiltered | August 31, 2016

I had just got my licence late, at 27, because I always feared driving. I was going to a job interview in Worcester, MA ( good two hour drive) when I learned my abusive roommate had decided NOT to pay the insurance so I COULD job hunt. (He bought a new video game instead).

So I have about 30 minutes outside Worcester when a police officer runs my plates. Now, in MA, if you lose insurance and don’t catch up, you lose your registration. SO I was pulled over and my car was towed into West Boyleston.

The tower gave me a ride there, but I was otherwise stranded with no money. I was pacing between a Dunkin Donuts and a small diner, stressed out of my mind as I could not get ahold of my room mate or any friends.

Near tears, since I am Anthrophic and in a strange area, and never had this happen before,, I sat down in the diner and asked for a water. The waitress asked me what was wrong and I explained while my stomach growled loudly.

10 minutes later, she came out with a plate of pancakes, hashbrowns, & sausage, and a can of cola, on the house.

That helped make the 6 hour wait until one of my friends turned their phone on so much easier!

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