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Im meeting a friend I met online for the first time ever. She´s flying in from London, and was supposed to call me prior to boarding but I havent heard from her, and unable to reach her. Note that I got anxiety, so this triggers and attack, thinking ive been catfished or something. I decide to call our hotel

Receptionist: this is Hotel, how may I help you?

Me: Hi, im Name and I know this is weird, but im supposed to meet a friend, from overseas, for the first time today. However she havent called before boarding as we agreed. I was wondering if it was possible for you to look up our reservation, just to see if she really did place it? I Know its weird but I suffer from anxiety and im freaking out a bit

Receptionist: Ofcourse, I can only tell you if theres a reservation under the name tough, nothing else

Me: Thats fine. Her name is Name Lastname

Receptionist: Yes, I can see her in the system, hope that eases your mind!

Me: it did, thank you very much!

My friend DID arrive, and we had a blast. Turned out her phone died unexpectedly. When we checked in the receptionist recognized the name, and said she was happy it all worked out. She even upgraded our room!

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