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Unfiltered | August 16, 2016

(My boyfriend’s mother, who I love dearly, is a frequent visitor to our house, and since my own mother lives in London, about 350 kilometres away from us, I see her more often than my own mother. This morning, we were going to visit her, but I’m sick, so I stay home.)

Boyfriend: [My name]? I’m back. And I have someone with me. Is it OK if they come up?

Me: Sure, if they don’t mind seeing me in my pyjamas. (I have no idea who he might have with him, and I’m too sick to care.)

Boyfriend: She insisted on coming. (His mother, who immediately starts fussing over me.)

Me: [Mum’s name], hi! I wasn’t expecting you. I would have put on something decent if

(She stops me).

Mum: Of course you would have. That’s why I didn’t let him tell you I was coming. Now you rest. I’m making lunch, and he’s staying with you.

(My boyfriend and I know better than to protest this. He sits next to me on our bed, and she heads into the kitchen. Several blissful minutes later, I make myself sit up).

Me: You should go help her.

Him: She’ll just kick me out.

Me: Mmmmm. Probably. (I lay back down, and he lays with me)

(His mum has consistently welcomed me into her family, and generally been wonderful. Although, she’d never cooked for us before, and I still don’t know how she knew her way around our kitchen…)

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