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Our store accepts returns within thirty days if you have your receipt and the merchandise is in the original packaging. If you’re a store member you have 365 days to return the merchandise. If someone doesn’t have the receipt we can only give store credit. 

We have a parking lot where you can park if you’re inside our store, but only for two hours. There’s a mall right beside us, and we have someone working our parking lot to make sure no one parks there and then goes to the mall. 

Yesterday someone bought a lot of stuff and said no to the receipt that I offered. I heard from my shift leader that they came back when I was on break and wanted to return everything they bought. They were pretty mad because they were told that they couldn’t park in our lot and go somewhere else for hours. Because of this, they wanted to boycott our store. When they were told they needed to have the receipt to get money back they got livid. 

They started yelling at everyone in the store, and said that they were never coming to our store again. Luckily, my shift leader hates customers who get angry with our employees, and so refused to come get me to recognize our customers. I hope those people don’t come back; I can’t stand those customers.