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Unfiltered | August 2, 2016

summer started and we had our first heat wave this weak, for people used to chilly weather, we’re really suffering, i’m restocking when i notice a young girl push in a wheelchair, i recognize her as a voluteer from the nursing home down hill, the woman in the weelchair is, to put it bluntly, fat, the girl looks about ready to fall over when the woman asks her to go to the frozen goods first, ten minutes later i need to restock ice cream there and spot them, standing there

me: “do you need help finding anything ma’am?”

woman: “oh, no, no, i don’t need anything”

volunteer: “didn’t you say you wanted to bring some ice cream back for the nurses? you had trouble choosing”

woman: “oh no, i made a choice, but i thought you might like cooling down a bit [girl’s name]”

volunteer: “lets get your ice cream before i have to explain how i got you a cold in this heat”

(i ran into them on my way back tot the storage at the front of the store and the sweet old lady insisted i took an ice cream)

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