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I work at a Leisure Centre in the UK at a seaside town that recently has had two whales beached from the pod that also beached at another UK coastal resort as well as Holland and Germany. We take calls for the Resort Managers (they work in our building) if they are unable to answer their phones. My colleague received this call:

Caller: (7pm in the evening) I want to speak to *Mr Smith* (Resort manager).

Colleague: I am sorry, he is not in the building right now. Can I take a message.

Caller: I need to speak to him.

Colleague: He is not available. may I take a message.

Caller: But I need to speak to him. He knows what is happening!

Colleague: About what, madam?

Caller: The whales! He knows why this is happening and I need to ask him why? Why is he letting this happen!

Colleague: Um…

Caller: I know he knows and I want an explanation!

This went on for a few more minutes until the caller accepted that Mr Smith was not in the office.

I now refer to him as the ‘Whale Whisperer’ as apparently he ‘knows’ why this is happening!