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I use a wheelchair, following an accident when I was six and have been in line to pay for my shopping for the last few minutes, in a queue that is now about ten deep, when a woman walks past and just steps in front of me,

Me: Excuse me

She ignores me

Me: I said excuse me

She finally turns around, and looks down. Immediately feigns surprise, “I I didn’t see you there”

Me: So that’s why you decided to jump in line, ignoring all these people. even if you didn’t see me

Everyone in the back of the line is just grinning at this point.

Woman: Look, just because I ignored a cripple, doesn’t make me a bitch. I’ve just got a new job at the local council and I’m in here to grab a few things. I donlt see why I have to wait when I;m only buying a bottle of wine

Everyone, including the cashier is stunned at her calling me a *cripple*, but I just grin

Me: That’s crap, you don’t work at the council. who will you work for

Woman: Not that it’s any of your business, but it’s for a Persoanl Assistant for the housing unit.

Me: Oh really, (pulls out my phone and makes a call) Oh Simon, it’s Jessica Did you interview a woman today, as your new Peronal Assistant? About 5’10, wearing a blue suit…and did you hire her on the spot? Oh that’s fine…may i siggest a second interview and make sire she knows Government Poloicy and the Equality Act…she’s a bit crippled in that respect. I’ll tell you everything later.

I hang up the phone and the woman’s face is now drained with blood, while she begins to stammer an apology.

Me: You know what, you better go in front, i;ve a feeling you might need that wine.

The woman, just puts the wine down and walks from the store, while everyone just claps.

I never saw her at my office, since i;m the head of the Housing Department, i would have noticed

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