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(I work in a pharmacy and this scenario happens almost weekly)

Tech: I’m sorry, we can’t fill your prescription, we don’t have the medication in stock

Patient: Why can’t you?! I have a prescription!

Tech: I know you do, but we don’t have the medication. We can order it for you for tomorrow or you can take it to another pharmacy

Patient: I always get my medication here, why can’t you fill it?

Tech: Well we can order it for tomorrow, but I don’t have the medication in stock

Patient: But I need it today, just fill it!!

Tech: We don’t have the medication, I can’t give you something we don’t have.

Patient: I don’t get why this happened! You should always have it, I need it now.

Tech: We can order it for tomorrow or you can go to a different pharmacy. There’s nothing else I can do for you. We don’t have the medication *walks away*

Tech: *to me* I don’t get why people come last minute and demand their medication, that prescription was a week old and she knew she was going to run out anyways.

Me: And I don’t get why they always think we should have every medication in stock, like we are a magic vault that can hold every single medication

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