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(We sell very small propane tanks where I work, and we ask for a date of birth even if the person is clearly over 18. We are the only store in the area that does this.)
Me: (Rings up propane) “Date of birth please?”
Customer: (50 something year old man)”Why?”
Me: “For the propane sir. (somewhat jokingly)We have to enter a date of birth since there is no ‘over 18 button’.”
Customer: “That’s ridiculous!”
Me: “Well sir I can’t sell you this propane without a date of birth.”
Customer: (Angrily)”Why not just take today’s date and take away 20 years?!?”
Me: “Well 1: You aren’t 20 and 2:That is fraud.”
(Customer starts getting louder and more belligerent)
Me: “Sir I’m going to need to see some I.D.”
(Customer throws his license at me, buys propane, and storms off.)

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