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Orlando, FL | Unfiltered | July 26, 2016

A clothing/furniture store that helps the needy

My elderly mother and my son went to get some shirts for him and his brother at a store that helps the needy from the purchases. My mother managed to pick out 2 polo shirts before her back gave out. My son helped her over to the furniture where she sat down. After a few minutes she called to her grandson and just as he got back to her a young man about 24/25 came around from the rack behind her and put his hand in hers and said “I want you to have this.” She opened up her hand and there was a folded 10 dollar bill … with 9 more inside it! She cried as he introduced himself as Chaz (he had a young lady with him but my mother cannot recall her name.) She said to him “this is my birthday present.” He asked her “Oh, is today your birthday?” She replied “No. Next week.” He said back “Well then it is your birthday present! Happy Birthday!!!” She told me if my son had not witnessed it, she would have thought she was dreaming.

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