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Illinois | Unfiltered | July 23, 2016

(I am a high school student with a very strong goody-two-shoes reputation; I never cuss, I always do my homework, straight A’s, teachers trust me, etc. This takes place in history class, in which a bully has been tormenting a shy kid for a while.)

Bully: *trips shy kid while taking a video with his phone under the table*

Me: “Hey, [Bully]. Give me your phone.”

Bully: *chuckles* “No.”

Me: “Hand over your f***ing phone right now or I swear I will kick your g*****n a** all the way to Mars.”

Bully: “Wha–” *so flabbergasted he hands me his phone*

Me: *deletes video* “And if you ever f***ing bother him again you’ll have to answer to me. Got it?” *hands back phone*

Bully: “Yeah…”

(Note that I am very petite and unintimidating. I guess the sheer shock of sweet little me cussing him out was enough to get him off the shy kid’s tail.)

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