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England | Unfiltered | July 19, 2016

I’m shopping in the very early hours, the store is basically empty. There is only myself and a woman on the isle.

She is over 6 foot tall, clearly very well built and very broad, she towers over me. But very smartly dressed in very feminine summer colours..

Me: Excuse me?

Woman: (In a deep voice) Look I don’t want any hassle ok! I just want to get on with my shopping without being harassed.

Me: Oh, yeah I get that, but could you pass the crisps please?

Woman: (freezes for a moment) Oh yes of course, sorry. I just assumed. You know…

Me: Sorry no I don’t, anyway thank you miss.

(She didn’t say another word but beamed a smile, hopefully she can have a few more shopping trips like that in future.)

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