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Unfiltered | July 21, 2016

(My family and I were on a domestic flight to visit some of my relatives in another city. On board the flight was a Japanese family who sat a few seats away from me, who most likely had wanted to spend vacation. When the plane had landed, my family and the Japanese family exchanged confused glances with each other since there was only one aisle on the plane and we didn’t know who would go first. After a few seconds, a little boy from the Japanese family began to talk.)

Little boy: *in Japanese, with a bright smile* You can go first! *gestures towards the aisle* (I didn’t exactly know what he was saying so this was just a rough translation on what I think he said.)

Me: *flustered, in Japanese* Ah, thank you! (I only know basic Japanese phrases.)

(He was such a polite little boy! And to think that he did so as a foreigner outside his home country, I will never forget that!)

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