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Unfiltered | June 29, 2016

I am a dental hygienist that works a few 12 hour shifts per week. It’s not as intense as nursing in the E.R. but it’s still a very stressful couple of days for me. I recently had a new debt card sent to me with a new PIN number. I’m at the gas station trying to get a snack, an energy drink, and gas. As it goes, my debit won’t run as credit and declines. A line forms behind me, so I step out of line to try and call my husband, who might be able to locate the PIN.

As I’m on the phone, the clerk informs me that the woman behind me has paid for my entire transaction, gas included. I look up, disbelieving that she has laid about twenty dollars down for me. I hang up the phone and ask what she was wearing. The clerk informed me she was the woman in an orange shirt that had just exited.

I left the store and ran after her, I caught up to her and thanked her for her kindness. It really made my week. The day before I had gotten locked out of my house by mistake and the day after my care blew a tire, but her generosity made me smile and keep my head up anyway!

Kindness can really make a difference in people’s lives. I’m working day by day to pay it forward!!!

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