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(I have wanted a dog for years but haven’t been allowed to adopt one while I am in college. This happens one of the many times I dragged my boyfriend out to “just look” at puppies. Today we came in twice and played with a German Shepherd mix that is exactly the kind of dog we have described as our dream dog. She is already spayed, chipped, and vaccinated and with her being a puppy her adoption fee is almost $100.)

Adoption Clerk: We have a special going on for any dog over 25 lbs. is only $25 to adopt.

Me: Oh, well she’s pretty small, I don’t think she’s 25 lbs…

Clerk: Well let’s weigh her just to be sure.

(He weighs her and she is 23.7 lbs)

Me: Oh no…

Clerk: Y’all seem pretty attached to this dog already, I’ll just round it up to 25 lbs.

(I started tearing up and thanking him while my boyfriend hugged me and pointed to the window where you can watch the puppies playing.)

Boyfriend: Look she’s tough, just like you!

(She is laying on her back and keeping off three puppies that are trying to hump her but isn’t hurting them. I started laughing and crying as we finalized the paper work and the Clerk handed me a booklet of coupons to buy her food, a leash, and other puppy necessities. A worker comes up to help us pick out the right kind of food.)

Store Worker: Hey! Who are you guys taking home today?

Me: [Dog’s Name]

Worker: *laughs* Oh man, good luck with that.

Boyfriend: What does that mean…?

(After we took her home she pooped on the floor three times that had to weigh a total of at least 5lbs. So thank you Clerk for rounding up that poop weight, and thank you to my puppy for holding it in that long!)

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