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Unfiltered | June 25, 2016

So I am at my middle school, and it’s a Thursday afternoon. I have been going through some hard times, I’m getting bullied, I just got out of depression, and am having a hard time with my sexuality. This is the conversation I had with someone I didn’t know well:

Her: Hey, are you okay? You seem down.

Me: No, no I’m fine

Her: No your not. What’s up?

Me: it’s okay I’m just going through some stuff, but I’ll get through it

Her: K, but text me if you need anything

(We exchange numbers, and a few hours later after school I text her, and just rant about my problems)

A couple hours later:

Friend (over the phone): Hey do you want to come over?

Me: I don’t know, I was going to watch (popular 90s tv show) reruns, but sure.

I go over to my friends house, and guess who there? The girl who helped me earlier! She said she talked to my friend and she thought that we should all talk. I ended up telling my friend everything, and it turns out she has some of the same feelings! The random girl ends up become my close friend, and had helped and improved my life so much!