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(I am currently at a Comicon and have stopped at a professional cosplayer’s booth, who is dressed up as Aquawoman, to chat with her. As I wait, a little girl, maybe six years old, comes up, crying a bit. Note: A few booths away is a man in a horror zombie themed cosplay.)

Cosplayer: Oh no, why are you crying? *kneels down to be at the girl’s level*

Girl: I’m scared!

Cosplayer: What? Why are you scared?

Girl: I’m scared of the zombie!

Cosplayer: Hmmm, well you wanna know something?

Girl: What?

Cosplayer: I beat him up earlier. And I’m sure you can too. Why don’t you show me how strong you are?

Girl: *giggles a bit and flexs her muscles*

Cosplayer: *gasps out* Oh wow! You’re even stronger than me! So if I can beat him up, you can too! You don’t have a reason to be afraid anymore. Next time that zombie gets too close, just flex you muscles and tell him you’re not afraid because you can beat him up, alright?

(After that, the little girl’s tears dried up very quickly and she was happy to pose for a few photos with her new friend. Cosplayers and nerds might get a bad rap at times, but in events like this, we’re all heart.)

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