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Unfiltered | June 13, 2016

(I am a young male who has recently become interested in a popular girls’ toy franchise involving the children of famous monsters. No other girls’ franchise has ever interested me before, but the creativity and concept impressed me. I have admired the toys for a while, and have finally worked up the courage to get one at a chain toy store.)

Me: *places toy on checkout*

Cashier: Good choice! *scans item* Do you have [company rewards card]?

Me: No.

(He good-naturedly prods me to join the rewards program, but I politely refuse. His demeanor this whole time is jovial and friendly.)

Me: *pays and leaves*

Cashier: Thank you! Have a great day!

(This friendly cashier’s attitude and gentle support were just what I needed to feel okay about getting into such an unorthodox hobby. Thank you for being so kind when others might have judged!