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(So I’m in a service station (which is well known for slushee drinks) after school, it’s a REALLY hot day, as in 35 degrees C. I’m looking around at the drinks fridge when i overhear a group of about five girls from my school talking about what they’re getting:)

Girl #1 (who i assume was going to be paying for it all): “Guys, i don’t think i have enough for us to all get one… I thought i had a $20 note, but it’s not in here…”

Girl #2: *sounding a bit worried* “Oooooh… and we’ve all poured our drinks too…”

Girl #3: * “yeah, and we were all gonna pay you back for it too, none of us have enough…”

Girl #4: “How short are we?”

Girl #1: “about $5. I could potentially bin mine, but we’d still be short.”

Girl #5: *Pointing at a mostly emtpy corner of the store* “Everyone go over here while we sort this out, put your drinks down and search for any loose change.”

(At this point i realise that i have a $2 coin which I’d found on the ground earlier, so i wait around a bit to see if they’re still short after searching)

(two minutes later, after they’ve gotten all the change they could find)

Girl #1: “F*ck… We’re still short”

Me: “How much do you need?”

Girl #1: “About 50c…”

Me: “I’ve only got a $2 coin, but it doesn’t bother me.” *handing her the coin* “Take it, i literally found it on the ground about 10 minutes ago, it’ll be as if i hadn’t found it.”

Girl #1: “Thank you so much! Are you sure you don’t want us to give you change?”

Me: “Nah, i’m good.”

Most, if not all of the girls: “Thank you!”

(a couple of days later, i’m getting stuff from my locker at the start of lunchtime, when Girl #1 walks up to me. I didn’t even know how she’d found me, as our school is pretty big and I’m two years ahead of her.)

Girl #1: “Thank you so much for giving us the $2. You didn’t have to, i probably would have just thrown out my drink and hoped that the worker didn’t notice. There were so many people in the shop, and no one even looked at us. Here.”

(she tries to hand me a $5 note)

Me: “Nope. You’re not giving me that. I don’t want it. I don’t need you to pay me back.”

Girl #1: “are you sure?”

Me: “Yup. I don’t want it.”

Girl #1: “Okay then… Thank you so much though!”

(She kept thanking me for a bit, and tried giving me the money a bit more. i actually found it in my locker about a week later with a note attached to it thanking me more. I’ve lost the note (oops) but it went on to say that the girl actually had a low-level anxiety issue, and was almost going to panic, but when i gave her the money, she got better almost instantly. It’s the little things which make others happy, even if it’s only $2)

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