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Victoria, VIC, Australia | Unfiltered | June 5, 2016

In my class there are two boys who are best friends. Boy 1 is a very emo person who doesn’t get along with people. Boy 2 is the opposite, lovable and very social. They are always together at lunch breaks, projects, etc.

Today I am walking to class. detouring into a small empty area when I see them together. Boy 1 is hugging boy 2 who is crying which id something unusual for him. I hid so they wouldn’t see me and this is their conversation that made my day.

Boy 2: *crying* I can’t take it anymore!

Boy 1: I know, I know *gently rubbing Boy 2’s back, trying to get him to calm down*

Boy 2: They don’t care, I shouldn’t even be alive, I don’t care anymore! *starts mumbling inaudibly*

Boy 1 is now on the verge of tears. He grabs Boy 2 by the whrists and makes Boy 2 look at him.

Boy 1: Don’t you ever say that (Boy 2)! I care about you! You don’t understand! Don’t say those things… please

(Im starting to tear up at this point even though I don’t know what led up to this. Boy 1 and Boy 2 are pretty quiet when it comes to their personal lives.)

Boy 2: W-why do you care! Im a waste of time-

Boy 1: Because you’re the only one keeping me going…

(long silence, at this point I’m late for class.)

Boy 1: You have NO idea what you’ve done for me. You’re always there for me. You always help me. You’ve always cared for me… I want to make sure you’re being helped too. I don’t want to lose you…

(Cue me sobbing behind a wall.)

Boy 2: *hugs Boy 2 tightly* I-I love you!

(Boy 1 and 2 start kissing, which I took as my time to leave. Not wanting to intrude on their privacy any longer. I was happy all throughout the rest of the day. When I saw them next they were both really happy. I haven’t told them that I saw them, but if they do see this I want them to know that they made my day and that I hope the best for the two of them!

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