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Cupertino, CA | Unfiltered | June 3, 2016

(I worked a summer job at a bagel shop that was adjacent to a well-known coffee chain. At the time, they had just introduced their now-signature line of blended iced coffees. It’s an incredibly hot day and I’m in the store by myself next to a 500-degree bagel oven. An employee from the coffee shop walks over to get a snack from us.)

COFFEE GUY: “How’s your day going?”

ME: “Could be better, honestly. It’s so hot we haven’t had many customers, and I’m roasting from the oven. I sure would like one of those mint mocha [blended coffees] right now!”

(Coffee Guy takes his food, thanks me, and goes back to his shop. A little while later, he comes back with a large mint mocha blended coffee.)

COFFEE GUY: “On the house. Hope you feel better!”

(It’s been 20 years, and I never forgot his kindness … and I still regularly get those blended coffees!)

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