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I live a few blocks from a grocery store that’s running a promotion where you collect stamps with your purchases toward different high-end kitchen items like knives and glassware. Since I live nearby, I have been collecting the stamps, but as the store is on a busy road there are often customers who aren’t regulars.
It’s not very busy and there are only two people in line behind me. I have brought my own bags and am just finishing up and about to pack them.
Cashier: “Are you collecting stamps?”
Me: “Yes.” *he hands me the stamps”
Woman behind me “Oh, I’m not collecting the stamps, you can have mine if you want.”
Me: “Really?”
Woman: “Sure.”
The cashier rings up her order while I bag my groceries and she hands me the stamps.
Me: “Thank you, that’s very kind.”
Woman: “Not a problem, have a good day!”
Me: “You too!”
It was only two stamps, but it was a thoughtful gesture. Now I’m two stamps closer to a fancy wine glass!