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Unfiltered | May 26, 2016

Two years ago, my dog had cancer, and the disease got so bad that at the end, he was barely able to get up, so we had to put it down. We had him for 10 years, he was there to support me through the worst years of my life. The house was so empty without him, my mother agreed that I adopted a cat for my birthday. I did, and brought back a very shy cat. I adored him, and could see that he loved me – and only me – too. But after six weeks, he grew sick, so I went to the vet who told me it was an incurable desease, my cat was suffering and had only a few painful day left. Heartbroken, I decided to put him out of his misery. Two days later, I’m back to school, depressed and sad, feeling like I would never be happy again. I was in the street to go grab something to eat, when a woman stopped me, a bunch of lilys in her hand.

Woman: Excuse me, would you mind taking these flower for me ?

Me *surprised*: I’m sorry ?

Woman: Someone left them on my car windshield, I don’t want them, but you look sad. Maybe it will bring a smile on your face.

Me *astonished*: W… well, thank you so much !

The woman left, leaving me with the lilys. It did bring a smile on my face, the first in days. It may look stupid, but two years ago as well as today, I felt like it was a farewell gift from my cat.