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(this contains a bit of PG-13 humor) I’m a courtesy clerk at a discount grocery store and one day while I was rearranging some product this man in his mid ’20s with fully tattooed arms (and dressed in a greasy t-shirt and jeans) comes up to me from behind.
Man: *places his hand on my shoulder to get my attention* “Hey!”
Me: *whirls around* “Yes, sir?”
Man: *places other hand on my other should* “Where do you keep your BIG meats?”
(He placed particular emphasis on BIG and MEATS, in a rather suggestive tone of voice.)
Me: *confused* “Big meats…?”
Man: *hold his palms about 8-10 inches apart* “You know, big meats….”
(Awkward silence)
Man: “…..Like pork chops and ribs and steaks n’ stuff.”
Me: “Oh. They’re past aisle [whatever aisle it was].”
Later on, I told a fellow employee about this and he laughed.
Coworker: “You should’ve asked him if he wanted a steak or a hook-up.”

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