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I’m the dopey customer in this one. I needed to replace my shower cubicle and decided to call up a few home depot stores that sold them, to get quotes. I started with one of the biggest in South Africa, whose main products were sanitary ware and accessories for bathrooms. They even had the word “bathroom” in their name.

Clerk: Good day, (company name), this is (name), how may I help you?
Me: Hi, can you put me through to your bathroom department please?
Clerk: I’m sorry? Which department would you like?
Me: *still not realising what I’ve asked* Your bathroom department please.
Clerk: … Ma’am, this is (company name). Our whole store is the bathroom department. What in particular do you need?
Me: *finally realising and bursting out laughing* I’m so sorry! I need to speak to someone about a shower replacement.
Clerk: *also laughing* ok, now we’re getting somewhere. Hold on please.

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