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Four years ago I worked a couple of months in retail. One week, when I was still fairly new, we were having a sale on candy bars, one for 6 kroner (0,91 USD). The boxes with the candy bars stood on a display, but because we just opened and we were only two employees present, the boxes with the candy were still closed. I was the cashier, when a woman comes up to check out. Among her groceries, she is carrying and entire box of the candybars. Still being new, I figure she is allowed to buy the whole box if she wants to.

I start scanning her items, but when I come to the box of candy bars, it won’t scan. I call my supervisor over, who takes a look at the problem.

Me: I’m sorry it’s taking so long
Woman: *angrily* That box is supposed to be 6 kroner!

Both me and my supervisor stop in our tracks.

Supervisor: Madam, the chocolates inside the box is 6 kroner each, not the whole box itself. We just haven’t had time to open them yet.
Woman: *Even angrier* Well, how was I supposed to know?! You should have opened them!

She got the rest of her items, still mumbling about how we didn’t do our jobs. After she left, my supervisor and me just looked at each other, dumbfounded by how she could think a box containing 30-40 candybars could cost only 6 kroner!