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(I work in a taxi company that serves Oslo and most of the municipalities surrounding Oslo. Note that each municipality has many large-ish cities, and therefore, many major bus and train stations. Our prices are obviously calculated based on the exact address customers are traveling from and the exact address they are travelling to. A woman, living in Oslo, calls.)
Customer: Hi, I’d like to know the price from here to [Municipality].
Me: Alright… And where is here?
Customer: [Area in Oslo]
Me: Okey-dokey. And where in [Municipality] are you travelling to?
Customer, getting angry: [Muncipality]!!
Me: I understand, but I need to know where in [Municipality] you’re travelling to.
Customer: The busstation!
Me: Which one?
Customer: The one in [Municipality]!
Me: Ma’am. There are about 20 major busstations in [Municipality]. I can’t tell you the price unless you tell me which one you need to get to.
Customer, getting very angry: So you don’t know the price?!
Me: I can’t tell you the price unless you can tell me exactly where you’re going. [Municipality] is a very large place. Even just travelling inside it can cost you several 100 kroner.
Customer: Ugh, fine. I’ll ask my friend for the address, and I’ll call you back.

(She never called me back. The real kicker? Our taxi company has a price calculator on the website. She could have checked the price herself.)