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Unfiltered | May 24, 2016

I was chasing my toddler through a park playscape when two kids about 9 years old stop and look at me closely.

One of them calls out to me: “Hey, lady! Did you lose your wallet?”

I fumble in the pockets of my loose shorts & realize I had.

When I said yes, they said “We found her! We found her!” and began running over to the concession stand where they’d turned my wallet in.

After the cashier gave it to me, I found everything intact – cash, credit cards, etc.

I asked them to pick out whatever they wanted and they each settled on a small snow cone.

They said thanks multiple times as they ran back to the playscape with their snow cones.

Thanks to two smart kids who looked at my license to see what I looked like then kept an eye out for me.

You saved me from having to replace my license and cancel my credit cards.