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Christchurch, New Zealand | Unfiltered | May 21, 2016

I was recently visiting the local Heritage Park, and I was looking at the newly reopened plane displays. As I was looking at some of them, one of the workers came over and we started talking about some of the planes. Eventually the man asked:

Worker: “We’ve got an old plane we’re fixing up at the moment. Do you want to have a look?”

Me: “Sure. That would be great.”

Worker: “Okay. If I see you over there, I’ll come over and tell you about it.”

I eventually wandered over and had a look at the plane. The man I was talking to was actually busy painting at the time, but he happily dropped everything he was doing to come and talk to me. We spent quite a while talking, but eventually he had to go back to what he was doing. I think he was genuinely happy to have talked to someone about something he was passionate about.

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