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(This is in the first few weeks of my new job. I’m working register, and it’s the middle of the day. The customer in question is an older gentleman, with two young kids, presumably his grandchildren. He places his first order of the night. He gets his meal, sits down with his grandchildren. After the whole family is done, he comes back up and tries to order a strawberry milkshake. Originally, he had payed with a credit card, and when a customer tries to pay with a card in two separate transactions, the employee at the register has to go and get the manager to type in a manager’s code so that the customer can pay. And this is where it gets fun.)

Me: Sorry sir, but since you payed with a card last time, and you’re trying to pay with that same card again for this transaction, I’m going to go and get my manager.

(So, my shift manager is out on a smoke break. I’m still new, and still a little nervous.)

Me: Sorry, but my manager isn’t available right now. When he comes back, I’ll let you know. Okay?

Older Gentleman: Okay. I will wait for your manager.

(At this point I should mention that the man speaks with an accent, but speaks and understands English fairly well, at least I thought he did, and that might contribute to the later problem. But in this instance, I think it was just that the man was not paying attention to what I was saying.)

(Roughly ten minutes pass by, the customer has already sat down, and I ring up one other customer before my manager comes back.)

Shift Manager: What do you need?

Me: A guy was paying for something else with a credit cart, and the screen said that I needed a manager code.

(The older gentleman has gotten up to refill his soda. I try getting his attention, my manager tries getting his attention, but the man just smiles, waves, and sits back down. My manager shrugs and tells me to get him if the customer comes back up.)

(Another five minutes pass, and the customer finally comes up. And he’s annoyed.)

Older Gentleman: Where is my milkshake? I’ve been waiting for twenty minutes.

Me: Sir, I told you that I needed to get my manager. No one made your milkshake yet, please just let me go get my manager so that he can ring you up and I can make your milkshake.

Older Gentleman: This is ridiculous. I’ve been waiting for twenty minutes for a damn milkshake. Go get your manager.

(I get my manager. An argument ensues.)

Older Gentleman: Is this girl new or something?

Manager: Yes, but she’s been trained. We can get you your food in just a minute if you let me ring you out.

Older Gentleman: I have been waiting for almost thirty minutes! How hard is it to make a milkshake? You need to train this little girl better! None of you even told me about the credit card thing!

(Like I stated earlier, I was still new, and I hadn’t yet mastered the art of taking crap from customers.)

Me: Excuse me sir, but I tried to get your attention earlier and you completely ignored m-

Manager: (My name) please go to the break room, I’ll come get you in a little bit.

(As I’m walking away stewing, because the man had been talking for a few minutes about getting free food before he started saying stuff about me, the man continues trying to badger my manager for free food. My manager keeps refusing.)

(Eventually the manager came to get me and had me go outside with him so that I could get a break from those kinds of customers. He explained that he understood why I was upset, but that it was never okay to yell back at the customer. The customer didn’t get his free food, but he finally got his damn milkshake.)